Archives: New Southern Railway (Airport Line) 1996

Digging through some more website archives.

Attached are some photos, media releases and the Summary of Contracts for the New Southern Railway otherwise known today as the T2 Airport Line.

Also the cute homepage of StateRail in 1996, times really have changed.

Archives: CBD Metro / West Metro (2009)


Five years ago, planning and infrastructure of transport projects in Sydney was in chaos. With a change of premiers, a proposal for a rapid transit line from the CBD to the North West via the Victoria Road corridor known as the North West Metro or SydLink was scrapped due to a leadership struggle within the Labor Party and a powerful union movement preventing the sale of state owned assets for proposed infrastructure projects.

With Iemma gone and Rees in, the NSW Government put forward a massive transport investment for a new metro network starting with the CBD Metro servicing Rozelle, Pyrmont and the CBD and a second stage to Westmead via the Parramatta Rd corridor said to be “shovel ready” as soon as the first stage was completed. Since announcing the plan it was meet with large criticism due to the areas it serviced being already serviced with a range of frequent transport options, land acquisitions including the demise of the former West Tigers club, patronage figures including a force transfer of Victoria Road buses, transparency of the project and growing need for transport infrastructure in Western Sydney. By the time Rees faced his own axe, the project had already progressed with design documentation, land buyouts and pre-construction drilling and had cost according to sources $500 million with the cost forwarded to taxpayers and not from the federal government’s infrastructure program by the Rudd Government due to it not being part of an overall transport plan. The project was scrapped after Kristina Keneally announced her transport plan in 2010 and Sydney’s dream of a metro came to an end until the revision of the under construction North West Rail Link from heavy rail to rapid transit.

Overall the project’s biggest issue was where the demand was needed. If the metro had a more viable feasible route like the ANZAC Metro or a Second line to Chatswood via a new tunnel, the project could have been more viable but with the government at the time already in jeopardy from a powerful union, it basically turned it into a more of a bad hangover with a big bill at the end.

Below is a selection of archived reports and media releases of the project from the former project website. You can also check out the Four Corners episode “Off the Rails” from 2009 which examined the project in further detail.